Echte Liebe

Echte Liebe (EL) is a full-service agency for programmatic marketing based in the heart of Cologne (Germany). Together with their team of 32 co-workers, the company founders Sena Berglar, Mark Elsner and Siamac Alexander Rahnavard convert marketing strategies into programmatic strategies and implement them with loving attention to detail. Marketing in its original form is supposed to give impetus and help in promoting innovation. This is where EL begins: All the possibilities and potentials that arise along the entire extended EL Programmatic Advertising process and value chain are consequently used.
Successful marketing measures are always preceded by a strategy. An in-depth and comprehensive analysis of the customer's objectives and data serves as the basis of the EL Strategie.

Available data is often just left unused by companies and agencies - such Data Intelligence constitutes the strategy driver in the EL programmatic marketing process chain. EL continuously takes advantage of the opportunities resulting from programmatic data management by observing the status quo, ex ante and ex post. In doing so, we dynamically adapt the strategy core to achieve the best possible results. Strategy and data input can be operationalized within the scope of Programmatic Creativity:

Programmatic Data and defined ingredients of the strategy are combined and then made visible for the users in the form of an advertising medium tailored to their individual needs. The advertising spaces that are necessary for that purpose are derived from the best possible Programmatic Buying results, taking into account the defined programmatic strategy and creativity based on programmatic data.
New data knowledge is generated in every campaign delivery. This knowledge is not only continuously used for optimization and strategy adapting, but can also be fed into the product policy and therefore into the strategic corporate orientation, along with decisive user information.
This results in a programmatic circuit that moves digital marketing up to a whole new level.

EL calls this programmatic marketing.
Echte Liebe offers absolute:

  • Independence - in selecting the right technology stack and in the media buying
  • Transparency - EL is the initiator of the BVDW (German Federal Association of the Digital Economy) Code of Conduct
  • Holistic nature - EL takes into account the whole process and develops a vision and objectives that are achieved in close collaboration with the customer.


The Echte Liebe guarantee promise

Irrespective of whether EL implements an entire programmatic marketing strategy or a single campaign, the attention to detail is always a matter of course, within the latitude granted by the customer.



Prof. Dr. Mark Elsner Managing Partner
Prof. Dr. Mark Elsner, Managing Partner

As founder and managing partner at Echte Liebe, Dr. Mark Elsner manages the development of the Cologne-based full-service agency for programmatic marketing. He is responsible inter alia for the agency’s strategic orientation as well as the development of new business areas. He also plays a leading role in strategy planning and the implementation of programmatic advertising campaigns. Before founding Echte Liebe in 2014, Elsner was consultant at the employer branding and personal marketing agency TMP Worldwide/, where he oversaw the development of a benchmarking tool and various recruitment projects. Since the very beginning of his professional career, Dr. Elsner (PhD in Business Administration) has been carrying out quantitative research projects on a regular basis. Within the framework of these projects, he concentrates on various issues in the field of data-driven marketing and the resulting practical implications for companies. For a decade now, the Cologner-by-choice has been an associate lecturer at different universities where he can share his passion for science with his students. Currently, he regularly lectures on marketing topics at the Loyola Marymount University of Los Angeles.

Siamac Alexander Rahnavard Managing Partner
Siamac Alexander Rahnavard, Managing Partner

Siamac Alexander Rahnavard is managing partner and co-founder of Echte Liebe, the full-service agency for programmatic marketing. His key responsibilities at the Cologne-based agency include strategic consulting, process and system analyses, intelligence, key account management and human resources development.
As the deputy chairman of the Focus Group Programmatic Advertising in the BVDW (German Federal Association of the Digital Economy), he has contributed significantly in various projects which set standards in the market. Before founding Echte Liebe, the graduate economist, who also holds a degree in psychology, was managing partner at Cadreon, the AdTech unit of the media group IPG Mediabrands. Prior to joining Cadreon, Rahnavard became managing director DACH at GDM Digital GmbH after two and a half years working as senior sales consultant at mexad GmbH/DataXu GmbH, where he contributed to the implementation of programmatic to the German market. He was already responsible at that time for the consulting and support of media agencies and direct clients. Thanks to his many years of experience in programmatic marketing, Rahnavard is considered one of the veterans of programmatic advertising. Before working in the world of data-driven marketing, he was an officer of the armored combat troops of the German federal armed forces.

Sena Berglar Managing Partner
Sena Berglar, Managing Partner


As managing partner and co-founder of Echte Liebe, Sena Berglar is in charge of the operational business of the Cologne-based full-service agency for programmatic marketing. Berglar is mainly responsible for the growth of the young agency, the onboarding of new technologies, the consulting of media agencies and direct clients, as well as for the development of individual programmatic strategies. Before founding Echte Liebe in 2014, the Cologner-by-choice with a talent for languages worked as a business development manager at the RTB specialist GDM Digital. Even at this stage, she dedicated herself to the development of data-based programmatic strategies for various customers and was instrumental in driving forward the establishment of the affiliate marketing segment in the entire DACH region as well as the own affiliate teams. Prior to that, Berglar worked in consultant product management at Adcloud, a special service provider for performance marketing solutions and subsidiary of Deutsche Post. She completed her diploma in Media Management at the University of Cologne.