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Your brand in one of the largest digital shops in the world: In e-commerce, there is hardly any way around Amazon. The shopping giant is one of the most important sales channels for countless brands. In just a few steps, we can quickly and easily optimise your campaigns on Amazon and increase your visibility and sales.


What is Amazon Marketing?

Amazon has long been more than just an online shop. Nowadays, Amazon is a sales, information and advertising channel in one and offers various optimisation options for each of these uses. Most product searches today start right here. For your brand, this means: Visibility on the platform is of utmost importance!

Optimisation opportunities for sellers

The range of optimisation possibilities and thus influencing factors for success on Amazon is large. A change to one adjusting screw can ensure that the company's appearance on Amazon is a success or that competitors prevail. These are the most important possibilities for optimisation:

  • Strategy: As always in marketing, a well thought-out strategy is the basis of all actions. Do you act as a seller or vendor? Or can the respective advantages possibly be combined?
  • Content: The content of the product detail page is crucial for visibility on the platform. Do the product title, description and keywords contain all the relevant terms under which you want to be found? Brands want to stand out from the mass of offers in search. Accordingly, the product detail page is the place where branding and search optimisation form a unit in the best case!
  • Amazon Ads: You can also increase the visibility of your products through paid ads. Does the ad stand out from the feed without being obtrusive? Are relevant keywords also used here? Is the right target group being addressed? In addition to ads between the product search results, Amazon also offers the possibility of placing ads outside the Amazon environment with the help of its own DSP!

Lots of opportunities for optimisation? We can get started today and make your sales fly on Amazon!

Advertising opportunities: Seller vs. Vendor

Amazon distinguishes between Amazon Seller and Amazon Vendor, i.e. seller and supplier. The former sell their products themselves via the platform. Sellers sell directly to Amazon, which in turn sells the goods to end customers under its own name. This distinction is relevant for the creation of advertisements, as certain advertising formats are only available to sellers, while others are reserved for vendors.

Available advertising formats on Amazon

Just like other relevant advertising platforms such as Google or Meta, Amazon offers a mix of different ad formats. Through specific settings, you can create suitable advertising media and advertise keywords, products or entire categories with them.

  • Sponsored Products: The classic form of Amazon advertising. Advertised products are displayed between the results in the product search. Targeting takes place via keywords that are individually defined during creation.
  • Product Display Ads: These ads are displayed under the Buy Box on product pages. The targeting is contextual. This ad format is only available to vendors.
  • Sponsored Brands: Sponsored brand campaigns are prominently displayed in the search results directly below the search box and are therefore particularly suitable for increasing general visibility. Companies needed an entry in the Amazon brand register for this.

Amazon marketing works best holistically

The various measures on Amazon often do not stand alone and must therefore be interpreted and measured in the context of the overall presence on the site. It is important to consider the platform with all its functions in its entirety. Measures such as content optimisation, generating reviews and placing paid ads should go hand in hand to enable sustainable success.

We can get started right away!

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