Many companies are already implementing digital marketing. But even if, for example, programmatic advertising is an integral part of your marketing strategy, there are often many factors providing a great potential for optimization. As part of our audit, we will sit down together and take a look at your digital marketing activities − both in its parts and in its entirety. In doing so, we will first gather your overarching strategic objectives and then apply them to an ideal-type target situation. We get started with a critical reflection regarding the operative objectives of your marketing campaign and the KPI framework analysis, an operationalization check and the realization of the campaign setup, as well as the technical platforms, data and advertising media used. This examination ensures the necessary and thorough evaluation of the actual state. It is only when we know exactly where you are and where you want to go that we can point out whether your digital marketing meets the present requirements and what activities need to be optimized. On this basis, you will be able to transform your activities into an integrated and customized programmatic marketing.



The initial strategy workshop is an essential part of the overall analysis by Echte Liebe. Personnel at Echte Liebe will work with you in evaluating your digital marketing activities − both in all its parts and in its entirety. In doing so, we will capture and discuss the entire spectrum of your current (digital) marketing activities, as well as your objectives and future plans. Once we know where you are and where you want to go, we can work out how we can best optimize your activities and transform them into a customized programmatic marketing. This process is based on a deep analysis of your status quo.


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