In February this year, we launched the "Programmatic Creativity" campaign. For this purpose, we developed three recommendations for action that advertisers can use as orientation in order to unleash the full potential of the latest advertising technologies.

Programmatic Creativity – A fundamental part of new Marketing

Programmatic Creativity includes dynamic communication concepts that combine creative performance, data management and media buying with the aim of offering a user-relevant brand experience. When done right, it opens up new possibilities in advertising communication, right up to real storytelling. The consequences: Advertising is no longer perceived as a disturbing element and the advertising effect can be continuously improved in the short and long term through real-time optimization, based on the respective objectives. Programmatic Creativity not only comprises a data-based approach regarding the advertising material and media used, as was the case in preprogrammatic times using DCO (Dynamic Creative Optimization) or retargeting, but is also understood as the strategy development for addressing target groups with a dynamic communication concept based on a data analysis.

This leads us to the first recommendation for action:

Change the campaign concept from the bottom up! In the course of the campaign conception, the creative agency should work creatively with the existing data and be closely involved in the possibilities of data use for Dynamic Creatives. This is still far too often an obstacle, because creative services and media buying are traditionally performed by different agencies. The common approach is rather to hand over finished creatives with the result that creative development and the data-based campaign execution do not match perfectly. This has to change.

Therefore, a second recommendation for action is required:

Take courage to involve data and programmatic experts! At the time of campaign conception, traditional creative agencies either do not seem to have access to the available data or are completely overwhelmed by the amount of data and its appropriate interpretation. Or, perhaps they simply lack know-how. However, it is only with the analysis and selection of truly valid 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data and the creation of suitable targeting segments that creatives for personalized advertising messages can be developed and realized via the best suitable channels.

The third recommendation for action deals with the advertising effect through Programmatic Creativity.

Provide more relevance to the individual user through individual advertising messages! Programmatic Creativity results in real digital storytelling. The user is accompanied by advertising in his personal world throughout the day and across different devices at the right time and in the right place. Nowadays, the consumer controls his media behavior individually and only dwells in places where he feels perfectly addressed by the content. Anything that is not adapted to the user will be overlooked, skipped or, in the worst case, leave a negative impression. We would welcome, above all, a paradigm shift in creative agencies. Brand traditions that have been developed over decades are jeopardized only because media paths are subject to change and creative agencies do not consider rethinking. An adaptation to the speed and dynamics of the present must take place. We see our manifest for Programmatic Creativity as a wake-up call to advertisers.

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