My internship at Echte Liebe: the first week


My name is Lena and this is what my first week at the Programmatic Marketing Agency Echte Liebe as an intern was like. 

During my first week at Echte Liebe, I was able to gain first insights into the different activities and learn important components that belong to programmatic advertising.

On my first day, I hit the ground running. I was already allowed to overlook the Campaign Management and together with my team, they provided the necessary guidance and explanations so I could take responsibility for any upcoming tasks. Additionally, I was able to get a more detailed overview of the reports of the different campaigns and their structure. By being involved, I got to know what platforms are used as tools and I was also able to get an overview of the used advertising media.

For the remaining of the week, I worked in the Account Management department and was able to learn more about the different tasks. In the beginning, I was given the Programmatic Advertising Compass, which helped me understand new terminology. Currently, I'm familiar with what Programmatic Advertising means and how it's structured. I was taught how to create a kickoff or offer for a campaign using the database and what criteria to follow. Because of my previous academic background, these activities seemed very familiar and manageable to me.

Moreover, I got the opportunity to work on new product presentations. I was able to use my previous PowerPoint knowledge and get acquainted with customer briefings. Being involved in the various tasks helped me come up with ideas on how to correctly reach target groups.

After a one-week period I can say that I can connect with the activities of the Account Manager. I like cooperation and contact with customers and I'm interested in the activities and enjoy the tasks assigned to me. Everyone tries to give me new insights and to challenge me with new knowledge and that's what an internship should be all about. 

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