Data Intelligence

The amounts of data available today to advertisers and agencies offers an enormous potential for digital marketing. However, the mere presence of sheer abundance of data alone will be of no value. A targeted use of existing data is required to optimize individual marketing activities and general corporate development on the basis of such data.

Echte Liebe implements strategies based on in-depth data management with a scientific background. Previously unused data will be applied systematically to actively exploit competitive advantages.

Full-Service-Agency for Programmatic Marketing
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Layer 1
Layer 1
  • Audit: Marketing activity analysis
  • Strategy workshop
  • Introspection
  • Recommendation for action
Developing the best strategy
Layer 1
Layer 1
  • Data analysis
  • Data evaluation
  • Recommendation for action
  • Use cases
  • DMP consulting
  • Data management
  • Training
Data analysis and target-oriented use of data
Layer 1
Layer 1
Individualized target group addressing in real time
  • Analysis
  • Strategy
  • Reporting
  • Customized data segments
Data as basis for targeted and customized communication
Creative approach for reaching relevant target groups

Targeted data management: the driving force for successful programmatic marketing

The data analysts at Echte Liebe have many years of experience in the field of complex data analysis and strategic marketing. Not only do they view Big Data as a strategy driver in marketing but also as one of the three main aspects of integral programmatic marketing, in addition to strategy and programmatic advertising − the next evolutionary step towards a data-driven marketing that goes beyond all digital touchpoints.

Data intelligence is based on a Strategy where data becomes a driving force for the optimization of all steps along the process and value chain in the field of digital marketing activities. The data analysts at Echte Liebe perform a target-oriented and systematic data collection, then analyze the results in the context of an in-depth customer journey analysis. This analysis goes far beyond the common standard data evaluation.

Echte Liebe analyzes, among other aspects:

  • the environments accessed by users
  • what advertising media and advertising messages they responded to and how
  • if the respective context was of relevance
  • the period between the advertising media contact and the conversion
  • the shopping cart value
  • interactions with other media channels
  • the user’s reaction after the contact with an advertising medium.


In addition, harder facts such as the time and location in the moment when the contact had been established, as well as the browser used and the language settings, are all included in our analysis.

In the case of mobile devices, we also consider which device and apps were being used. We look at data originating from social media channels and social media advertising.

The systematic and consistent collection of all relevant data is not the only aspect that contributes to the strong data competence of Echte Liebe. Even more, all processes and campaigns are realized based on data and optimized at a considerably higher level than usual. Our team at Echte Liebe understands the digital marketing of a company in its entirety. Campaigns are not only viewed under consideration of CPM and clicks but also regarding downstream KPI. On the one hand, Echte Liebe uses the data and knowledge gained to adapt the strategic core of all marketing activities continuously and dynamically so as to obtain the best possible results.

On the other hand, the information is useful for the campaign design and the output of advertising media as a part of programmatic advertising. This results in a continuous circuit, which promotes the data-based optimization of your marketing activities and provides impetus for the corporate development and the product policy. 


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