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The social media giant: billions of people worldwide use Facebook and Instagram. No wonder that the platforms have developed into a significant marketing channel at an early stage! You too can benefit from the power of Meta, the parent company of the platforms. We'll start your Meta campaign in just a few steps - simple and straightforward.


How much time do you spend on social networks every day?

For some of you, the answer is: more than you think! Facebook and Instagram in particular are among the most important places many people go to on the internet. The parent company Meta thus represents a particularly attractive environment for advertisers. There are many reasons for this...

What are the advantages of ads on Meta?

  • high reach: probably the most important factor why companies advertise on Facebook and Instagram: The enormous reach of the networks speaks for itself. The number of users that can potentially be reached is huge!
  • targeting: through meta, advertising media can be delivered very precisely, for example with regard to demographics, behaviour, surfing behaviour on the internet and interests, to those target groups with a high probability of conversion. In this way, wastage can be avoided and budgets can be used efficiently.
  • Extensive analyses: Did the advertising material perform well or was the response limited? Facebook and Instagram offer good insights into the performance of campaigns. This means that adjustments can be made quickly during the campaign in order to constantly optimise the response.
  • control options: Companies can stop and restart the placement of ads at any time and distribute budgets individually. In this way, you always retain full control over all expenditure and the progress of the campaign.
  • identification of new target groups: You know your target group exactly? That's possible. Meta can confirm, refute or expand this knowledge. In any case, it is a useful tool to identify new target groups based on available data.
  • Supporting the organic strategy: Although it is not necessary to run your own company pages on the platforms in order to run ads, ads are an excellent way to push organic content. With their own company profiles, promoted by paid content, the target group can be retained in the long term and beyond campaigns.

You don't just use Meta privately, but are also convinced of its advantages for companies? Then you can start right away! Together we will develop your Meta campaign in just a few steps.

What targeting options are there with Meta?

We see: The right targeting is the key to success with Meta. Campaigns can pursue different goals: Is it about more brand awareness or should conversions be increased? Depending on which stage in the marketing funnel is relevant for your current campaign, different targeting options are available. The most important are:

  • Demographics: How old is the target group? Where do they live?
  • Usage behaviour: Mobile or desktop users? Which pages does the target group visit regularly? Which content do users spend a particularly long time on? Which posts does the target group interact with?
  • Interests: Which interests and preferences can be derived from the user behaviour?

Meta offers three target group types for targeting, which are individually designed: Core Audiences, i.e. the core target groups, represent the general characteristics of the people to be reached.

Custom Audiences include people who have already interacted with your company in some way. This may have been the case either on Facebook and Instagram themselves or during a visit to your own homepage. Special pixels enable the identification of page visitors within the social networks, making the identification of Custom Audiences particularly efficient.

Lookalike audiences are the statistical twins of your target group. They have similar characteristics, behaviours and interests as previous customers or visitors. They can be defined as soon as extensive knowledge about the target group is available.

Meta offers
countless functions for advertisers.

We keep an eye on the latest developments and thus set up meta campaigns in a simple and uncomplicated way. You want to be part of it? Then we can start right away! To start the campaign, we need some information. We will then get back to you - and start marketing your product, service or brand without a long wait.