Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising has led to a revolution in digital advertising, as the primary basis for advertisement booking decisions has shifted, placing the focus on the individual user and their profile instead of their environment. In doing so, programmatic buying guarantees significant cost savings combined with higher efficiency per advertising activity. However, it would not go far enough to pare the advantages of programmatic down to just the cost advantages for media booking. Programmatic can do so much more!

With the help of customer data and the gained campaign data, advertising campaigns can optimally be performed in real time, addressing your target group through every advertising channel with well-dosed and personalized advertising messages. 

Full-Service-Agency for Programmatic Marketing
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  • Audit: Marketing activity analysis
  • Strategy workshop
  • Introspection
  • Recommendation for action
Developing the best strategy
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  • Data analysis
  • Data evaluation
  • Recommendation for action
  • Use cases
  • DMP consulting
  • Data management
  • Training
Data analysis and target-oriented use of data
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Individualized target group addressing in real time
  • Analysis
  • Strategy
  • Reporting
  • Customized data segments 
Data as basis for targeted and customized communication
Creative approach for reaching relevant target groups

It is only through the linking of data and creativity that advertisers can exploit the entire potential of programmatic advertising and optimally adapt their digital advertising communication.

Echte Liebe brings together data, buying expertise and creativity to shape a fully-integrated programmatic strategy.


This not only results in more clicks on the advertising media, higher conversion rates and an improved brand effectiveness, but a realignment of the entire marketing mix. 

Programmatic Data

Programmatic Data: From the analysis to an effective advertising strategy

Advertisers in all sectors are currently facing the challenge to adapt their marketing to digital reality. Media use has shifted to the digital world, where target groups interact with advertising companies via many different channels. The resulting digital touchpoints lead to an enormous amount of data that has hardly been used effectively for the client approach. Echte Liebe offers comprehensive data management that evaluates the entire purchase decision-making process of the user – the customer journey – in real time, only selecting data that needs to be used in the programmatic process for the advertising approach. Big Data becomes Smart Data: Your resource for an effective advertising strategy.

To place the focus on the data of your advertising strategy, our data intelligence team, together with your marketing department, initiates a status analysis of all data sources from your digital advertising channels, i.e. your websites, CRM data and data recorded from your previous digital campaigns (social media, display and video, mobile). We then link them to the existing offline data pool and available location data. Based on this data supply chain, we extract the relevant data sets to develop an optimal data mix for your present and future advertising campaigns. This data mix will then be transferred to the programmatic world for the demand side platforms (DSPs). After all, error-free delivery of your programmatic buying can only be guaranteed using a uniform taxonomy with the existing sell side platforms (SSPs and exchanges). If required, Echte Liebe can create a data management platform (DMP) for the customer, curating it on their behalf. In doing so, all data remains in-house and our customers remain masters of their own data.

Programmatic Creativity

Programmatic Creativity: Dynamic and personalized

Programmatic offers many, as yet untapped, opportunities. The hitherto weak points of many programmatic campaigns are the missing personalization of advertising formats and the dynamic optimization of the creatives when delivering advertising media. Programmatic creativity is a two-dimensional issue: On the one hand, it is about applying the right data in the appropriate context and optimizing in real time when delivering the campaign, on the other hand, the creative agency must be aware of the potential of dynamic creatives while designing the campaign. The last point in particular is the greatest hurdle as creative services and media buying are traditionally carried out by different agencies.

For this reason, our team at Echte Liebe considers campaign conception and programmatic media buying as a mutual and integral part of our workflow. Echte Liebe prepares, together with the customer, a suitable data pool for the advertising campaign, develops personalized creatives for the customer and offers on-the-fly campaign optimization in the buying process, with a constant focus on the previously defined strategy core of the campaign. This leads to a dynamic distribution of highly individualized advertising messages, which is only made possible by a constant success control of the ongoing advertising campaign, using predefined key performance indicators (KPI) such as visibility, engagement, click or dwell time.

Programmatic Buying

Programmatic Buying for your marketing mix modelling

Whether it is about classic display advertising, mobile advertising inside and outside of apps, the digital radio or billboard, YouTube, social media advertising or digital TV advertising via addressable TV: Programmatic automates the entire buying process across all advertising channels, with massive effects on the company's marketing budgeting.

Programmatic allows your company – depending on the campaign's objective – to identify inefficient advertising channels and to reallocate budgets, adapting them precisely to your own campaign strategy.

Our buying unit has access to all major advertising channels, including premium inventories, via our trading desk, which is connected to every market-relevant demand side platform (DSPs) such as the DoubleClick Bid Manager, The Tradedesk, AppNexus, Tabmo, or Adform DSP. A significantly broader range of connected advertising media is the only way to efficiently execute data-driven advertising campaigns. In doing so, we place the greatest value on cost transparency and brand safety. For this reason, we are one of very few media agencies that operates fully according to the Code of Conduct Programmatic Advertising laid down by the German Federal Advertising Sector.


We know what we do, mastering programmatic media buying for all significant advertising channels:

Programmatic is part of our DNA.

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Display is an important element of an online advertising campaign. The more personalized and relevant a creative is for the user, the more likely the predefined target is achieved. Irrespective of whether it is an attention-grabbing advertising medium for increasing awareness or the repeated addressing of shop visitors by showing a product from the shopping cart – the customer approach represents a crucial factor during the customer journey.

All forms of advertising standardized by the IAB and the BVDW (German Federal Association of the Digital Economy) can be programmatically implemented.

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What applies to stationary display advertising is even more valid for mobile advertising on the most personal of all screens. Profound data knowledge and the consideration of the user's privacy are essential preconditions here.

By adding location and weather data, mobile advertising can be realized via programmatic buying in a particularly effective way. Conditions: a comprehensive data strategy, fewer enervating advertising media, a high degree of advertising media personalization as well as a good link between the own trading desk and all important app and mobile exchanges.

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Video advertising is subject to its own rules which can lead to a cost trap for the advertiser.

Many publishers retain their premium moving-image content and sell their inventory for particularly high prices via direct deals and private marketplaces.


Whether in mobile or stationary web. Echte Liebe knows all the tricks to execute moving-image advertising strategies efficiently and effectively via programmatic buying.

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Digital outdoor advertising

Poster advertising has always been one of the advertising channels with high impact on awareness and advertising recall. The digitalization of outdoor advertising spaces opens up unimaginable opportunities for personalized advertising communication using digital screens. These can already be implemented in some areas and will broadly gain acceptance in the future.

Whether at airports, on highways, in local public transport, in the retail industry or at the cinema: Echte Liebe has already integrated the first digital touchpoints to illustrate the user's entire customer journey.

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Social Media
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Social Media Advertising

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.: Communication via social media is becoming increasingly important for advertising companies, not least because of Mobile. Earned or Owned Media often lack scalable scopes. For this reason, social media advertising is undoubtedly a crucial part of a comprehensive advertising strategy. However, as far as campaign tracking and data usage are concerned, some social networks only work partially together with the advertising customers. Besides, not all agents can yet be booked fully programmatically. Our agency Echte Liebe has gathered many years of experience in the preparation of creatives on Facebook and other social media. We help customers in identifying suitable social media channels to holistically integrate them into the programmatic strategy.

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Notwithstanding the large number of streaming services and the trend towards non-linear television, TV continues to be an important channel for the reach extension in the relevant target audience. TV, however, does not only work with a broad target group but is also increasingly applied in the individual communication based on performance goals. Similar to radio advertising, we measure TV advertising success in online or digital channels by means of tracking software. This in turn influences TV media planning.

It does not always have to be the major broadcasters. It is quite often the less expensive special interest channels that can lead to the desired results at a greater efficiency. This is particularly true when combining TV with online video and social media. This makes TV advertising interesting, even for medium-sized companies.

What is important for us is the integrated approach that combines TV and Online, and takes into account reciprocal effects. Programmatic therefore plays a central role as online media can only be bought as close as possible to the TV spot by a trading desk.

Thus, programmatic advertising already has an increasing importance in the field of TV advertising and this is even more the case when considering the new opportunities opened up by addressable TV. In this context, Echte Liebe realizes content via set-top boxes and HbbTV as well as via programmatic advertising campaigns on Smart TV, creating powerful advertising communication charged with emotions.

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Radio and digital audio

Radio contact can be part of the consumer’s customer journey. That is why this type of media belongs to our whole spectrum, as wide reach channels as well as sales channels with regional focus. We are experts in spot tracking and the online measurement of advertising effects. Our aim is to enable our customers to improve their marketing mix measures and consequently attribute them perfectly.

Radio can be optimally linked to digital via our programmatic media buying. Digitalization is proceeding at a rapid pace, especially in the use of audio. This requires mobile and programmatic expertise because relevant music streaming services such as Spotify are programmatically organized in terms of advertising marketing.

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