Effective marketing is closely linked to market-oriented management and the strategic development and alignment of a company. For this reason, the consequent use of all data, possibilities and potentials that arise along the entire extended process and value chain of digital marketing is a high priority at Echte Liebe.

Echte Liebe considers this form of data-based marketing under the collective term "programmatic marketing" to include three main pillars that constantly stimulate each other: Strategy, Data Intelligence and  Programmatic Advertising. As a full-service agency, Echte Liebe commits itself to this holistic approach of continuous optimization. In this process, the insights acquired flow continuously back into the programmatic marketing circuit, thus influencing the corporate and product policy.



Full-Service-Agency for Programmatic Marketing
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Layer 1
Layer 1
  • Audit: Marketing activity analysis
  • Strategy workshop
  • Introspection
  • Recommendation for action
Developing the best strategy
Layer 1
Layer 1
  • Data analysis
  • Data evaluation
  • Recommendation for action
  • Use cases
  • DMP consulting
  • Data management
  • Training
Data analysis and target-oriented use of data
Layer 1
Layer 1
Individualized target group addressing in real time
  • Analysis
  • Strategy
  • Reporting
  • Customized data segments
Data as basis for targeted and customized communication
Creative approach for reaching relevant target groups

Data-driven strategies as initiators for programmatic marketing success

Most of the successful marketing measures are preceded by a strategy. Our initial Workshop serves as the basis of the EL strategy, covering a complete analysis of your objectives, data, personnel and company structure. Marketing activities previously carried out by the advertiser are considered across all channels used, such as displays, videos, SEO, SEA and social newsletters.

Based on these results, we systematically draw up a conceptional approach involving a complete programmatic overview for the advertiser. After this interim step, we work out answers to the following questions:

  • What is my actual situation regarding my digital marketing?
  • Where is there a need for action and optimization?
  • How can I optimally include existing and new data in my marketing processes?
  • How do I optimally shape my programmatic advertising considering all aspects?


Based on the insights acquired, we develop a data-driven strategy to use as a starting point for future campaigns and optimization processes.

The strategic guidelines derived from the above-mentioned strategy relate to the entire process and value chain, including the other two main pillars of programmatic marketing: Data Intelligence and data-based Programmatic Advertising.

In this context, programmatic marketing forms a continuously stimulating circuit based on the programmatic strategy of Echte Liebe. The insights generated from the various downstream stations in the process chain flow constantly back into strategy optimization, providing fresh impetus for the corporate development, which goes ideally far beyond online marketing activities. Echte Liebe always remains true to its key principle: attention to detail.



The initial strategy workshop is an essential part of the overall analysis by Echte Liebe.

Personnel at Echte Liebe will work with you in evaluating your digital marketing activities − both in all its parts and in its entirety. In doing so, we will capture and discuss the entire spectrum of your current (digital) marketing activities, as well as your objectives and future plans. Once we know where you are and where you want to go, we can work out how we can best optimize your activities and transform them into a customized programmatic marketing. This process is based on a deep analysis of your status quo.



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